At the close of 2019, Liberia was named the poorest nation in the world according to the World Population Review. The average household in the capital, Monrovia, cannot afford one meal everyday, so often a sacrifice of education or health is made just to be able to feed a family. Even with the reputation of being the first African country to elect a female president, the culture of Liberia does not prioritize the girl child as a contributing member of a family. This results in a lack of education of the female population and a gap in the willingness to invest in their wellbeing.

If this is true for the urban capital of the nation, imagine what life is for Liberians in rural areas of the interiors of the country. Those female children that have been awarded the luxury of an education, face extreme low completion rates as they battle, poverty, pregnancy, and feminine health risks preventing them from racking their full potential.

​Liberia’s economy has long suffered the effects of a 14 year gruesome civil war, the Ebola epidemic, and now the COVID-19 pandemic. From the start of quarantine to present date, the rate of gender based violence and sexual assault of women and children has increased by an alarming 50%, forcing the nation into a state of emergency against rape.

Educate a girl, educate a nation. Educate the youth, educate the future generations.

Our Mission

Our objective is to increase the knowledge and education of the female population of Liberia. We want to empower them with the information that protects not only their bodies but also their minds. We intend to give them the tools to focus on their dreams and be change agents in a society that does not expect them to achieve greatness.


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